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Wariapendi’s retail nursery caters for the environmentally conscious home gardener, offering a large selection of semi advanced, advanced, super advanced and forestry tube sized plants. We also stock a large selection of plants for the landscape industry.

Many lifestyle and environmental benefits are achieved by using native plants in your garden and landscape.

Just a few of the reasons native plants are great for the home garden are:

  • Low maintenance Water Wise gardens require little input and site modification to maintain a healthy plant
  • Native plants provide habitat which attracts local birds and other creatures, providing enjoyment and a sense of wonder via observation.
  • Creation of a garden that harmonises with your surrounding landscape rather than imposing upon it.
  • Provision of sustainable protection from the elements ie shade and shelter.
  • Beautification of your landscape by providing an abundance of colour and varying foliage contrasts.
  • Quick results are achieved by using plants which are adapted to Australia’s environmental extremes.

“There are still myths out there in regards to native plants not suitable for certain conditions (cold etc). We have plants suitable for all conditions with varying flower type, colour and flowering times to provide a garden to be enjoyed all year, not just for a few weeks at a time.”

We also provide a range of services to cater for home gardens, landscapes and developments. To find out more please click on the links on the right.

Shop online with our online store and have your plants delivered directly to your door.

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