Brachysome multifida - Native Daisy
Native daisies (Brachyscome multifida) are great for creating butterfly attracting carpets

Carpet plants are low growing or prostrate plants that form a carpet over the ground. They provide cover that looks great in rockeries or along the edges of paths. Some spread over greater areas and look wonderful cascading over banks and steep slopes.

Carpet plants act in much the same ways as mulch. They keep the soil moist and the ground temperature even. They also assist in curbing weeds and controlling soil erosion.

Native carpet plants come in many different forms with flowers of many colours. Remember to take the spread of the plant into consideration when planting – your small pot plant may take off and eventually become tangled with its neighbours. Don’t be afraid to prune to keep them neat and tidy.

Myoporum parvifolium Pink
Myoporum parvifolium Pink

Massed plantings of golden everlastings or purple daisies can look spectacular while grevilleas tumbling over walls and banks will attract myriad honeyeaters into your garden.

Carpet plants can create spectacular floral and foliage displays and are a welcome, low-maintenance addition to Australian Native cottage gardens.

SpeciesCommon NameSpreadHeightFlower Colour
Acacia howittii prostrateSticky Wattle1.5m40cm
Acacia pravissima prostrateOvens Wattle5m40cm
Banksia serrata prostrateSaw Banksia2m40cm
Brachyscome multifidaCut-leaf Daisy1m5cm
Bracteantha speciesEverlasting1m40cm
Chrysocephalum apiculatumCommon Everlasting1m10cm
Correa reflexaCommon Correa2m60cm
Dampiera diversifoliaDampiera2m5cm
Dampiera trigonaDampiera0.5m20cm
Darwinia citriodora prostrateLemon-scented Myrtle1.5m10cm
Grevillea curvilobaGrevillea3m60cm
Grevillea Bronze RamblerGrevillea4m30cm
Grevillea Gaudi ChaudiiGrevillea3m20cm
Grevillea juniperina MolongloJuniper Grevillea2m30cm
Grevillea lanigera Mt TamborithaWoolly Grevillea2m15cm
Grevillea New BloodGrevillea2m25cm
Grevillea obtusifolia Gin Gin GemSpider Net Grevillea2m10cm
Grevillea poorinda Royal MantleGrevillea4m15cm
Hardenbergia violaceaeFalse Sarsaparilla1m15cm
Leptospermum Pink CascadeTee-tree1.5m60cm
Myoporum parvifoliumFine leaf Boobialla1m20cm
Myoporum parvifolium PinkCreeping Boobialla1m5cm
Pratia speciesPratia1m5cm
Scaevola Mauve ClustersFan Flower1m10cm
Scleranthus biflorusScleranthus0.5m5cm
Viola hederaceaeNative Violet0.5m10cm

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