Wariapendi offers  a service which provides professional advice on how to increase productivity, improve capital value and enhance the lifestyle benefits that living on a rural property provides. Our advice includes how to enact revegetation projects, create windbreaks/wildlife corridors, control erosion, create wetlands and how to manage and enhance riparian zones and any remnant natural vegetation on the site.

Our designs provide for positive outcomes for future generations as well as providing productivity and lifestyle benefits for the now in an innovative and cost effective manner. Our designs incorporate ecological and sustainable principles. We work within the limits of nature thus reducing inputs required, allowing more time and resources available for productivity and lifestyle benefits.

Why Choose Wariapendi?

We also have the backing of an accredited, award winning production nursery so you can be assured that the species we recommend are available and grown to the highest standards.

What will I get?

We provide two levels of service which caters for a range of budgets.

Level 1 – General Consultation

During initial discussions (either on the phone or at the nursery) we will attain from you a brief overview of your property and ideas or issues you have. From there we will meet with you onsite to formulate design, plant layout, species selection and budget estimates. During this meeting we will provide you with handwritten documentation and drawings. For more elaborate projects we can create a more detailed computer generated Landscape plan back at the office if required. The cost of this service is $150 per hour plus travel. Generally an allowance of 1.5-3 hours onsite is suitable but as all properties and needs are different it is best to contact us for a budget estimate.

Level 2 – Farm First Aid

During initial discussions we will attain from you a brief overview of your property and ideas or issues you have. From there we will meet onsite and assess your needs and suggest possible areas of improvement to increase productivity and the general ‘health’ of the property. We can give depending on your requirements, insights into improving effectiveness of pasture and grazing land, best ways to manage the water sources on the property – quality, location, erosion issues etc, wind protection and windbreak layouts, shelter for stock, wind protection for house and shed sites, paddock layouts and managing salinity and erosion issues. After our initial meeting onsite meeting we will provide a whole farm plan outlining areas of possible improvements with budget estimates for enactment of the improvements outlined. The base cost of this service is $765 (this allows for 1.5 hours travelling, 2 hours on site, and 2 hours for documentation),  but as all properties and projects are different it is best to contact us for a budget estimate.

What area do we service?

We are located in the Southern Highlands. We service the Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Sydney Basin, Southern Tablelands and South Coast. If you have requirements outside these areas feel free to contact us.

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