Wariapendi offers a design and consultation service for those wanting a beautiful, low maintenance garden using native plants. Native plants have traditionally been viewed as second best when it comes to contemporary or formal gardens.  Today this is vastly different. Over the last 35 years Wariapendi has turned this notion around. Our latest designs using improved and select native plants are creative and innovative allowing for elegance and formality. If you want colour and vitality along with an abundance of native birds in your garden Wariapendi can provide the expertise necessary.

We design to provide positive outcomes for future generations as well as providing lifestyle benefits for the now. Our designs are innovative and creative. When designing new or modifying existing landscapes we  incorporate ecological and sustainable principles. We work within the limits of nature to reduce inputs required, allowing more time and resources available for enjoyment and lifestyle benefits. We believe native landscapes should not only look good, they should be good for the local ecology and for you.

Why choose Wariapendi?

We also have the backing of an award winning production nursery so you can be assured that the species we recommend are available and grown to the highest standards.

What will I get?

We provide two levels of service. The first would be described as a walk and talk consultation. This involves Warren coming out to your garden and giving you an assessment of your site and species suitable for it. Most of your needs could be provided in as little as 1 hour.

Our second level of service is when design is required. This service takes a little longer and more thought. Hand written and drawn documentation can be provided onsite or for more complex projects, formal plans, specifications and budget estimates would be documented back at the office on the computer.

Initial discussions with you (over the phone or at the nursery)  are required to get a brief of the concept/vision you have and the level of service you require. From there Warren will meet with you onsite.

What area do we service?

Wariapendi is located in the Southern Highlands. We service the Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Sydney Basin, Southern Tablelands and South Coast. If you have requirements outside these areas feel free to contact us.

How much will this cost?

Our base fee for this service is $150 for the first hour and $120 per hour for additional time required plus any travel time more than 30 minutes from nursery. On an average house block (600-1,000m2) a walk and talk normally requires one hour. Design and documentation on site requires around 2 hours. Designs for larger projects generally require 1-2 hours on site plus generation of plan and specifications, etc. back at the office. On initial contact with us we can provide you with a better budget estimate once the scope of your requirements is attained.

For CAD generation of Landscape’s plan and other documentation we charge $120/hr.

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